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Bine - the best solution for waste management in smart buildings.
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how it works

Howit works

Bin-e recognizes, segregates and compresses waste, you threw away. Then sends a notification to the maintenance service.

Benefitsfor company

  • economic

    Depending on waste removal costs, you can save annually up to 300€ per 100m2 of office area.

  • responsible

    Using Bin-e complies with CSR and is the way to take responsibility for sustainable growth.

  • eco-friendly

    With Bin-e it is easy for you and your employees to take care of ecology and environment.

  • easy

    Using Bine is as easy as using regular waste bin. No skills required.

  • capacious

    Which means no overloaded waste bins and no mess in your office space.

  • efficient

    Waste compression system allows you to empty the bins even 8 times rarer.

Benefitsfor industry

  • cloud

    Processing of data in the cloud provides a number of so far inaccessible information.

  • monitoring

    All network devices are monitored to respond in case of malfunctions.

  • services

    Network can be used to offer additional services.

  • quality

    Bine provides a higher quality of recovered materials.

  • costs

    Logistics planning system reduces the cost of waste transport.

  • efficiency

    Recycling rate can be up to 10 times higher.

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